Its that time of year again, the dreaded lash shedding season.

Have you and your clients noticed that their lash retention has reduced and they are returning to their infill appointments with less lash extensions remaining compared to previous appointments?

Firstly, don’t panic or doubt your work.
Increased lash loss during lash shedding season is completely normal and it has nothing to do with your lash prep routine, your skill level or the lash products used.

What is lash shedding season?

Eyelash shedding season occurs twice a year in both Autumn and Spring which is believed to be related to when humidity and temperatures change.
To put it simply, during this time the natural lashes shed quicker than usual which also causes the eyelash extensions to fall out with them.

For someone who doesn’t wear eyelash extensions the shedding cycle of the natural lash often goes unnoticed as the natural lashes are so fine in comparison to lash extensions but when you have extensions attached to your natural lash, lash shedding will be much more obvious for both yourself as the lash tech and your clients.

What can I do to stop lash shedding season?

Unfortunately, you can’t slow the natural lash cycle or prevent lash shedding season but it is important and helpful to educate yourself and your clients about the natural lash shed.

Do I need to educate my clients about lash shedding season?

The lash cycle and shedding season is out of your control so it is for this reason that it’s important to make sure that both yourself as the lash artist and your clients are educated on the natural lash cycle and to understand that the lash shed will affect clients differently.
When Autumn and Spring are approaching it’s the perfect time to let your clients know what to realistically expect their retention to be like during this time.

It is important to explain that this is a natural process which is temporary and should only last for 6 weeks.

Can I do anything to limit the affects of Lash Shedding Season?

During this time you could recommend that your clients come in sooner than they usually would for their infill appointments for example, by shortening their infill times and changing their booking from 3 weekly to 2 weekly you are maintaining the fullness of their lash extensions which will reduce the appearance of quicker lash loss. You can also recommend a growth serum to help strengthen and support the natural lashes through the lash shedding season, just remember to make sure that you recommend a lash serum that is safe to use while wearing extensions and one that won’t affect the retention.

Again, remember that this is temporary and should only last 6 weeks.