Pro Point technology in a beautiful, express lash

We know professional lash techs absolutely love Pro Point lashes. After launching Australia’s largest range of Extreme Pro Point XXL trays in July 2021 we were overwhelmed with your positive feedback.

And now, Luna Lash Supplies is delighted to bring you the Express Promade Pro Point lash collection – all the benefits of Pro Point technology in an express lash.

Perfect for lovers of long and short stems, our beautiful, handcrafted express Pro Point lash trays are of the highest quality available.

Our trays are the largest in Australia, holding 2000 fans per tray with lengths as short as 8mm!

And, every tray includes a special little something just for you on the inside!

What makes Express Promade Pro Point lashes different?

These lashes include all the Pro Point benefits you know and love. Crafted from premium quality, dark black PBT fibres, they’re so soft to touch and hold their curl much longer than other products on the market.

And like our Extreme Pro Point lashes, every fan is 100% handmade and sealed via a heat bonding method, creating beautiful wide fans with a super-thin base.

But our Express Promade Pro Points take this revolutionary technology a step further – say goodbye to fiddly, loose promade fans that slow you down and require extra attention.

Our Express Promade Pro Points will save you time and simplify your lash life! These lashes are perfect for lash techs of all abilities, from beginners to advanced.

As with all of our products, Luna Lash Supplies Extreme Pro Point lashes are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Decrease application time and increase profit with Express Promade Pro Point lashes

Our Express Promade Pro Point lashes will save you even more time and money.

The super-thin Pro Point base means the lashes are easy to handle and apply, decreasing your application time.

The express lash design is much faster than loose promade fans, so you can focus on your clients’ results.

And they’re unbelievably cost-effective. In fact, trays start from just $0.04 per fan, and one tray will allow you to lash up to 14 clients!

What size Express Promade Pro Point lashes do you stock?

Save time and take your eyelash extension game to the next level with our Express Promade Pro Point lash range.

We currently stock C, D, L and M curls, available in both mixed length and single length trays.

We love to cater to all preferences, and our customers find mixed length trays save them space as they can keep up to 7 different lengths in one tray! If you’re new to Express Promade Pro Point lashes, a mixed tray allows you to trial different lash lengths without purchasing multiple trays.

Express Promade Pro Point lashes product information

  • Australia's largest Promade Pro Point trays holding a huge 2000 fans per tray
  • Trays starting from 8mm*
  • XXL size mixed length and single length trays available
  • Perfect for lash techs of all abilities, from beginners to advanced
  • Created using premium quality and darkest black materials
  • Heat bonded
  • Super thin Pro Point base makes lashes very easy to apply and aids in achieving the greatest retention
  • 100% Handmade
  • 100% cruelty-free and vegan
  • Eco-friendly trays made from recycled cardboard
  • Available in 0.03, 0.07, 0.10 thickness, as well as WISPY
  • Wispy lashes create that perfect Kim K style lash set in no time!
  • Curls available - C curl, D curl, L curl & M curl
  • L curl is perfect for crafting a gorgeous fox eye (or eyeliner) lash style
  • M curl lashes let you build a beautiful dark eyeliner effect
  • 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 10D, 12D, 14D

We recommend opening the promade lash tray slowly and carefully to avoid mixing up the lines. If this happens, simply lay the lashes out and match up the lengths.

Express Promade lash strips need to be placed onto a Silicone Lash Pad

AfterPay and Zip Pay available store-wide.

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6 products