EYELASH ADHESIVE WIPES - 200 wipes per pack
EYELASH ADHESIVE WIPES - 200 wipes per pack

EYELASH ADHESIVE WIPES - 200 wipes per pack

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Our Lint free Adhesive Wipes will help to keep your Glue tips and Tweezers clean. 
By keeping your Glue tip clean before, during and after use you will be avoiding 
having to discard of a perfectly fine and within date Lash Adhesive due to a clogged nozzle.

No more wasting money having to throw out clogged up Eyelash Extension Adhesives!

200 wipes per pack = Extremely affordable.

After burping your adhesive simply wipe the top clean with an Adhesive wipe prior to putting the lid back on.

For cleaning and removing residue from your Tools/Tweezers we recommend using our Tweezer Cleaner jar and then simply wiping away the excess.

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